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Thread: 2008 Short Story Competition Final

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    Congratulations to you, Nighteyes5678!

    As for the other stories, there was awesome work that was most difficult to choose from. Congratulations to all who were in that final contest, it was an honour to read your work.

    Keep 'em coming, people!
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    COngratulations Nighteyes5678!

    And congratulations to all of the writers for their work and for sharing it with us.

    Now let's see what 2009 brings us

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    I know this is old.

    Can an entrant vote for his/her own entry?

    Nighteyes here voted for his own, and his vote broke the tie.

    Just asking not making trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miyako73 View Post
    I know this is old.

    Can an entrant vote for his/her own entry?
    It is not against the rules to vote for one's own story. If they truly believe that their story is the best one in the selection, why not?

    We are all adults here after all. Right?

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