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Thread: Anyone with an English Language and Literature Degree

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    hello i am a literature student ! what is everyone studying at the mo'?

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    I always had excellent teachers and studying literature was never a chore or burden. My last day in school, the teacher of English told me to study Literature and make it my aim in life. She wrote it down on a peace of paper and told me to show it to my parents. My parents were always supportive although there was no money in a humanities or an arts degree. I completed my MA with distinction in 1992, taught literature with a friend (he is doing his PhD, of all the places, in Sarajevo, now). We were a rootless pair, we taught for nothing, taught everywhere and studied everywhere. We gathered round us an odd circle of young students and 'corrupted' the youth to our hearts' content. Till my parents pulled the plug, stopped my money and I had to look for a job. I became a school teacher, teaching literature and Art History. It was a lovely job. I loved the inspired children, I made them in my own image! Once they found me reading War and Peace and collected money to buy a copy for their classroom book collection and some actually started reading it! We talked about Napoleon, Borodino, about Michaelangelo, the Pope and his ceiling (that's when I read Agony and Ecstasy). Then I moved on to teach college. Good, but not as rewarding as school teaching. Still it was good. A studentship at Luton University coincided with my marriage (I had known my wife since we were in our mid-teens). I dropped out of Luton and that was effectively the end of my academic career. Then kids started coming along and I loved spending time with kids. Still I gave literature another go and joined university again in 2001, a thirty-something father of two. Everybody said it was crazy but I loved it. I studied Modernism and Postmodernism at the University of London (Royal Holloway) and really loved it. Loved it so much that I just whizzed through the course without any problem. I was working full-time and looked after two kids as my wife worked days (I worked nights) still the course and lectures were so interesting that I never faced any difficulty at all. It felt much easier than the first MA although I was absolutely young and free when I did that course. Now my kids read a lot. We discuss Chaucer and the medieval English, Shakespeare, Walther Raleigh, Homer, Wordsworth and Francis Bacon. My eldest will be 11 years old in January. He has a 'reading age' of 16+ according to most recent assessment and a 'spellings age' of 14. I continue creating in my own image!
    "The farther he goes the more good it does me. I donít want philosophies, tracts, dogmas, creeds, ways out, truths, answers, nothing from the bargain basement. He is the most courageous, remorseless writer going and the more he grinds my nose in the sh1t the more I am grateful to him..."
    -- Harold Pinter on Samuel Beckett

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    Oh Frankenstein! What hath thou wrought.

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    i am a student of English literature and interested to learn more and more.


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