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Thread: Anyone with an English Language and Literature Degree

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    Wink Yes!!! I am...

    I'm very glad to know that your one of us... By the way, I'm also a new member of this network...One effective strategy of inclining in Literature is to read and reab and read literary documents(e.g. books, magazines...etc) or better yet surf in the internet for some great authors and try to decipher every techniques they are using....

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    Smile hi................

    This is Ashwinkumar wish you best wishesh.
    I am working as lecturer in english. I wish to share your views regarding literature. Please feel comfortable to communicate with me.

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    I kind of am. English and German, hoping to do Masters in Comparative Literature. This poll is a riot, by the way. I'm saying this even though I know you won't get this, because you've been inactive for 5 years. Quite fun poll, all the same.

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    I'll be starting next year after taking a break touring some of the American South. I can't wait. High school English classes were always the ones that stuck with me anyways.
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    hi everybody, this is my first participation.
    i'm an English literature student, but i can never think about teaching, i believe that the good teacher should be patient and this can never be one of my characteristics.
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    hi! it's the first time i post anything. I actually became a member yesterday. I study english literature (well, it;s not just literature because i am a freshman year student, so i also study linguistics and other subjects). I like literature in general so, i don't just read english or american literature just because i have to. After all, it was my choice!. I don't believe that you need to study something in order to understand it better. What you can do, except from improving your knowledge on the english language, if you are not a native speaker of course, is to learn more about the history of england. This would be good for understanding the content of the text, the facts that are discussed and the culture that is presented. That's the best advice i can give you in terms of comprehending the context. I hope you did not mean something different, unless of course you meant understanding an untranslated version of an english novel. Well, if that counts, i am not an english native speaker. I hope you finally manage to have an excellent understanding of english literature. good luck!

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    Nope, but I am off to university next year to study Comparative Literature - therefore I will not be studying specifically Anglistics and English Literature, but it will be a part of my studies.

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    I am an English Literature student, too. I love my major and really enjoy it and I am a fresh(wo)men, we studied Old English Period, Medieval English Literatue and some selections. I really love Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and adore writers of these periods although most of the writers are not known I think Piers Plowman is also a real magnum opus. Using seven deadly sins as allegorical characters, Langland was very creative and with characters' confessions he tells people what they should not to do. I really enjoyed this year and I sat the literature final exam. Now,I am waiting for next semester's literature course impatiently

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    I'm an English Literature student too - I'm only in secondary school but we were given a choice to study what we wanted, though the combinations were rather limited, and I chose the combination with Lit in it, since I did badly (and also because I lurve it) and one of the combinations that had Lit in it was for a "weaker" class.
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    I am a student of English literature too and am currently finishing my first year at university.

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    I'm in University, studying English (literature of course, since I am a native speaker) Italian (just language right now, I cannot yet read well enough), and probably French later on. I plan to teach, but I am going to get as many degrees as I can first, before I go anywhere. Maybe I can get the Ph.D. and get a lecturing position at a university. I'd have to get Ejlert to kill himself first though...

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    No, I'm not an Eng Lit student but I used to be one in the Dear Dead Days Beyond Recall. Now that I have retired I can go back to read the books I always meant to read or re-read the ones I enjoyed first time round.

    I realise this makes me old enough to be Grandma to most of you.

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    Nope. Well, not on an academic level. I only studied it at school, though I may drop philosophy so I can take it up in college next year.

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    LoveyDovey ~ I am a current part-time student involved in theatre. I fell in love with English lit when I found the trench poets Sigfried Sassoon & Wilfred Owen just to name a couple. I was active duty in the military at the time, and they helped me make sense of some things I was struggling with. I went on to discover Virginia, Dylan and Orwell.

    I have some great books that help with understanding the times, like: London in Dicken's Day (Jacob Korg/Prentice Hall); Shakespeare's Critics - from Jonson to Auden (U of Michigan Press); Shakespeare of London (Marchette Chute/Dutton); Samuel Johnson's Lives of the English Poets (Gateway); and A Hundred English Essays (Nelson). I bought a Johnson's Dictionary to help with words I found in Shakespeare's dialogue that I wasn't familiar with too. He used slang like "pard" = leopard.

    IMHO, to understand ourselves as literate (and hopefully progressive) humans, we should understand the epics of Gilgamesh, Chaucer and so on. I recently found a hilarious play that was resurrected. Originally written by Englishman George Farquhar (1707). Thornton Wilder began a revision but it went unfinished until Ken Ludwig recently finished and produced it on stage -- The Beaux' Stratagem.

    Hope this helps. Literature helps to make us richer as a human race if the race will only realise it. I know it's helped me through the insanity. Peace to all of us -- Carl
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    Finance/ accounting double major in senior year of undergrad. I have a feeling I may be in the minority here. Anybody else in this or a similar sector?

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