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    Red face Jim's friendship

    I read Lord Jim long time ago when I was in college. It was a hard reading, but I loved the book. The discussion in this forum reminds me of the book. There is a part of Jim's friendship with Dain Waris, the kampung chief's son, right? I am interested in looking deeper into the relationship. I recalled it is interesting since it's between two different races, a Westener and an Asian. From postcolonial theory, is there any sign of 'otherness'? Or Jim is 'the other' in this case?

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    I believe Dain Waris is a Bugis. Bugis is a Malay tribe the lives in the Island of Celebes, Molukas, Parts of Borneo and Sumatra, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. In the past, they are seaferer people. A few Bugis men have their first name as "Daeng". It is sort of a family title for the Bugis elite class. Hence Dain Waris might have come from a royal family.

    Bugis are known to be loyal people. If you have a Bugis friend, he will be your friend for life. . ., come what may! That is why Lord Jim manage to live his entire life after moving from India with the Celebes Bugis in Patusan.

    Because of their loyalty, they are sought after as merceneries of warring warlords in the Malay Arcpelengo (just like the present day Gurkha with the British army).

    So to answer to your question, Lord Jim should not be regarded as the "other". He is one of them, and this bond is even made stronger when he married "Jewel", the local Kampong lass.

    How do I know all these. . .? Because my ancestors are Bugis!

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