Where have I gone
to the place we all go
the place where the Gods speak

Beneath the deepest well
atop the highest peak
we follow the flow

Where have I come
from the place we all come
the place the Gods weep

Beware of places water should be
and yet is not
Beware of places water does not belong
and yet is found

A fish that breathes
A fish that drowns

Where will I be found
in the place we all are found
the place the Gods are silent

What if the world was run
upon a spring
wound each morning
by a flightless bird
that only makes a whirr

We can see better with our eyes closed
so many shades of gray
dancing colors
passing light
while we slip away

I remember as a child
that place I always tried to reach
it came only as a glimmer
and struggle I would to get closer
always it disappeared
right when I thought I would finally land

But now I know
it was only blood sells

A wonder I could travel in their depths
so freely
like another world

What do I seek
something we all seek
in the place the Gods grow