Here is an interesting short story by someone who posts at this ezboard forum:

The story is called "Justice." It is a clever story about a child who makes the mistake of not dotting the j in justice, and is falsely accused of cheating (i.e. suffers an injustice.)


Here is the comment I posted:

Childhood has a drama all its own.

The calligraphy/orthography of Justice/justice has such potential.

I am reminded, for some reason of Wallace Steven's "Ordinary Evening in New Haven," where one verse says something like:

"Infant A standing on infant legs,
Not twisted, stooping, polymathic Z,
Always kneeling at the edge of space."

I am thinking how lowercased justice has an "eye" for the individual, subjective perspective, but capital Justice, as in capitol offense (im not the best speller but this is quick typing with coffee), capital Justice wears the judges hat, or whig, or the blindfold of Justice holding the balance.