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Thread: Short Stories about Teacher/Student

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    Short Stories about Teacher/Student


    I am looking for short stories about Teacher/ Student. I found two good ones by Anton Chekhov i.e. "The Schoolmaster" and "A Classical Student" but thats it. I would appreciate if anyone can help me finding more short stories that centers around teacher/student/school.


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    Good-bye Mr. Chips?

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    I read "Good Bye Mr Chips" a few years back. I think it is more a novel than a short story. There is another excellent short story "The Last Lesson" by Daudet that is about teacher/student. Any other stories?

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    I suppose, in the oddest sort of way, various of the dialogues of Plato are about Socrates as a teacher, and his students. Perhaps "The Symposium" (which originally meant, quite literally, drinking buddies, in ancient Greek), or perhaps "The Apology," about the death of Socrates.

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    Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is (a novel) about the author getting in touch with his old college professor. I've heard it's quite touching.

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    Stephen King's "The Apt Pupil"

    ...sorta applicable (more of a student/mentor)...screwed up for sure.
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    Mr. Peabody's Apple by Madonna?

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    The chocalate wars, and Beyond the chocalet war (again forgot the author) and i beleive it was called Who killed mr Griffith (or soemthine of that sort) which is a very strange and interesting short novel about a bunch of kids who try to teach their teacher a lesson and end up killing him.
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    To Sir With Love, which was also turned into a movie.

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