There was this straw that grew up out of the earth outside the sacred city of Nambh and that had withstood the onslaught of the infamous Borgj winds and the boots and chariots of many brutal, invading armies. One day when the rains caused the river Pis-Merk to flood and separate the north section of Nambh from the south, everyone despaired of how they would ever see their relatives on the other side again or continue to trade.

Especially vexed were Prince Ran and his beloved fiancee, the commoner, Jem-na. After years of affectionate, respectful courtship they were scheduled to be married in a few weeks but now it seemed impossible until - until someone came up with the idea of laying the straw across the river. True, the straw was just long enough, but could it possibly stand up to the weight of the people and their baggage?

Tentatively one girl, the lightest among them, was sent to try it out; and the straw held! Her father followed her with his basket of freshly picked perm-apples, and again, the straw held! Soon a stream of eager family members and traders were crossing, tentatively at first but then more and more confidently, but then - just before Prince Ran was about to cross, his father the king approached with his royal camel and –

It was the camel that broke the straw’s back!