You unfold its darkness gently
so that my mind will silently
mellow in its unknown fancy
song -
swiftly, wafting -
strangely falling towards
the abyss.
Albatross drifted beyond the great divide.
Brought to revive,
while you mysteriously hide face.
Oh why there is a chase?
Oh life my treasure
Oh child of destiny
Where is the one who brought to breath.
Spicy enigma of unfolding love.
Tell me, tell me!
What secrets
you frivolously
hide within
your soul?
Tell me, Tell me!
What promises have been shuttered tell!
Why are clouds so mysterious when you go
rolling inside the dreams
you bring without,
soulful annihilation of disturbing
concoctions burried deep
inside me!
Sadness overcame
me and you become
strangers to allies obligingly
our minds keep
life different.
Away with all
pain and sorrow!
Away with them
leave me (in?) peace
I shall wither
alone until life eats life
and everything
goes wrong, everything
disapears, torture is


Here's poetry one word at a time, stanza one, stanza two is still being written, I's like your thoughts on what this means and what as a group we've managed to create and talk about... basically give my your interpretations and perhaps a name?!?!