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Thread: Poetry Games #1

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    Poetry Games #1

    Poetry Games Introduction:
    The purpose of Poetry games is to challenge each of us poets to write about the subject matter to get different views of a single object. On Fridayís the current subject picker must pick another subject picker to pass the torch to. This choice will Be the subject pickerís personal favorite and why. (Perk of being subject picker).

    Poetry games is not a contest, it is a challenge. What I mean by that is every poets entry is different, from the heart, so there are no good and bad entries. Everyone is welcome to play.

    To play you will have to reply to the current Poetry Games for that week.
    with your entry. Every Friday the current week subject picker must pick a new subject picker. The new subject picker must come up with the new subject by Saturday.

    If you become the subject picker, on Friday write a reply to the person, who you pick to be the next subject picker and why.

    Then make a final reply saying Poetry Games #?? Is closed.

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    My entry

    This weeks subject is your first Kiss.

    Here is my entry:

    I was the age of 5, just a little boy
    When my little sister had over a friend, and her name was Joy;
    I remember they played barbie’s for just a little while;
    And I of course was Super Man with my cape of towel;
    After a while of bugging them they finally let me play;
    I became the astronaut, all the rest of the day;
    I flew out in my space ship to save the planet of two;
    No matter how many enemies, because victory I knew;
    With my space ship and I, not one did I miss;
    Why, because every time I returned home,
    I got a heroes kiss.

    Martin D. White
    Living The Simple Life
    Simple Life Poetry
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