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Thread: remember the good old days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Cotton View Post
    Are you kidding me? No way! He's the one who came up with a mermaid/woman walking on the beach, with the pain of walking on hot coals (or broken glass...depends on the translation).

    Goodness, I had this little kid I babysat who's parents bought him some Hans Christian Andersen tales, because they had obviously never read it, and said that it was, "Some light-hearted stuff that would enrich his mind." The poor boy wouldn't let me turn out the light, he didn't want to get into his bed, he didn't want to go to the bathroom alone. He was CREEPED OUT!
    I don't understand you really. The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Little Match Girl and many and many others are sad, but very beautiful and noble(?) stories.

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    I really appreciate fairy tale story...My favorite is Cinderella, this is a very heart touching story ever...That's why I always told this story to my daughter 2yrs old...and she really like Cinderella story too...All her stuff has Cinderella characters, ever her favorite coloring pages are Cinderella...I think daughter inherited mother's attitude...
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