This is really driving me crazy

I don't know if anyone can help me.
I'm going to apologize right of the bat for not knowing anything about the book itself. I only know what the cover looks like.
I can say it was most likely published withing the last ten years.
It's fiction and I'm pretty sure it's for young adults.

The cover is a picture (painting or drawing) of a girl with light hair (blond or light brown) and a blue dress. She's looking through a telescope and I'm pretty sure the wind is blowing her hair and dress.
I remember it reminding me a little bit of the painting "The Hilltop" by Frank W. Benson, 1905.

Last year someone recommended the book to me but I can't remember the title. I can't contact the person and ask her what it was because I don't know her.

Additional Details:

The telescope is like an old gold/brass spyglass telescope like pirates use.

It's possible the dress is white and the background/sky is blue

I think the picture is somewhat close up, like just her top half. She might be on a boat or something. I don't remember if there was anything to indicate that.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank You!