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    ok, i read the book and understood it (mostly, i think) and I answered all the other questions i have about the book. but this one question is driving me crazy. Here it is: "Stryver, Darnay’s lawyer, also has a secret surrounding his work. What is it?"

    I think that the secret might be that he loves Lucie (Dr. Manette's daughter) and intends to marry her. But it also might have something to do with why he stays up and drinks with his associate... if anyone could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.

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    Mr Styver wouldn't have made all this success without the help of Sydney Carton , since he was the brain working to solve the cases Mr Styver had.
    on the other hand we can't deny that Mr Styver was skilled in questioning the witnesses (as proved in Darnay's first trial for treason when he revealed John Barsad being a liar).

    hope i helped
    (i'm still studying the novel)

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    i think for the answer you have to stand in his(Sydney's) shoes.
    His boss is inferior ( intellectually though not professionally) to him.
    He thinks his whole life has been wasted in being a slave to Stryver but at the same time he knows that he is as dependent on Stryver as Stryver is dependent on him.
    He's in love with Lucie who is married to darnay.
    Also at one time Stryver mocks him as a man who is not capable of loving a women.
    Thus (i think) he thinks he has to prove something to himself and thus sacrifices his life ,in saving Darnay, to live in Lucies's memories when his material existence is of no substantial good.

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