Richard, an ordinary student from ordinary background, somehow manages to get a scholarship to an exclusive college. Soon he is intrigued by an eccentric professor and his small, exclusive classes and tries his best to be accepted. When he finally manages through not-so-very-honest means, he is captivated by his fellow students. While trying desperately to be accepted, he realises that there is more to this small group and their relationships.

This is an excellent page-turner; a mystery written very cleverly and elements of Greek mythology also makes it an interesting story. The readers are informed on the very first page that a murder takes place along with the identities of those who are involved; however, one needs to read the next 300 pages to discover the events building up to the moment of "crime". Tartt expertly keeps a tap on her readers' feelings and thoughts; so much so that at times you find yourself identifying or rooting for the "guilty" people. However, what is also wonderful that she also manages to deliver a fair verdict at the end.

If you are after a comtemporary book which will entertain and challenge your imagination, give this one a try.

9/10 KitKats!