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Thread: Museum Project of Silas Marner???

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    Museum Project of Silas Marner???

    hi i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. i am required to complete a "museum project" for school on the novel Silas Marner. According to the paper i was given- "a museum project is a physical cretion representing a particular aspect of the novel" an example of symbolizing the word love is drawing a heart, not writing the word.
    and it must follow one of these aspects:
    -a conflict of the plot
    so thats it. i have no idea what im going to do it on and need some suggestions Pleaseee????

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    Hey i have to do the same project but i can't think of anything either.

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    Haha, I have to do the same thing as well, and i also can't think of anything. Is this like a universal project, or do one or both of you happen to go to york catholic???

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    I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like a "museum project" is a fancy word for "diorama", which is a cool word as is. Anyway, since at least three of you are doing the same assignment, you might use this thread to discuss some of the themes/character/conflicts (etc), ensure that you all have good understanding of the book and then pick an aspect and represent it in a mesh of paper, glue, wood and other materials that have adorned diorama exhibits for years now.

    Good luck
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