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Thread: Not A Mark!

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    Not A Mark!

    I remember scribbling quick notes on my course books and underlining almost everything.When I would prepare for a test I would not bother to read the entire text and those notes would be enough to get me good marks.On the other hand,I would hate to put even a small dot on the novels,magazines and even newspapers.My siblings think that it is quite absurd, but I really don't think so.Then again,maybe?

    Do you write anything on your books, and what do you feel about the whole idea of keeping them spick and span?
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    My novels for Lit and Drama are covered in sticky tabs and written notes as well as highlighted sections and everything. It's kind of expected in class for us to do that. I remember when we were doing our last novel, I'd colour coded references to certain ideas in the novel, and when one of the maths teachers was in our class, our Lit teacher pointed it out and said "Now thats a Lit student.". But otherwise I don't write in them... But I'm not fussy over keeping them neat or anything.

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    I like to take notes in the margins and link my ideas. I also like to read books that others have taken notes in, it's almost like having a discussion.

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    Perhaps because of my training in historiography and library research, I never mark anything in my books except my name, city of purchase, and date on the inside cover; note taking is always on separate pieces of paper.
    I have found that extensive note taking and rephrasing passages of text helps not only my understanding of what I am reading but also aids in memory retention as well: I follow the advice of a sage professor who once said, "Well,well,well, if you want to learn anything, make your own notes."
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    I was just thinking of this yesterday. I write notes both on books and on separate papers. But, I think there is one book on which I won't be able to write. I need to study this book but it is so beautiful with the softest pages I have ever touched, that I think it would just break my heart to write on them. So I'll make an exception for this book.

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    I keep on marking and particularly when I come upon something telling I underline it.

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    only school books have markings and i use sticky notes and stuff but for personal books at home, not a speck. i dont even like to bend the spine on softcover books.. (only mine and friends) at school, all the books are pretty much ruined so i dont really care too much.
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