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Thread: Book Club Reading List

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    I try to read all these books you once read before and of course this time I promise myself not to disappear and read these lovely books by you, thank you.
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    That is so nice collection.Well after finding your this comment there is no need for any book reading search of last few years.I like your idea for distributing the books by years.Thats so nice attempts with links.Please continue this type of activity.Thank you for sharing such a nice comment. ans sources..

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    Sorry if my insistent questions are annoying, but i was wondering what is being read currently/next?
    Also, I thought that The Ill-Made mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton would be a good book to read some time for this club?
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    Thanks for your suggestion, Balehead.

    In November, we will be nominating random book selections so maybe then you can nominate your book.

    Welcome to the Forum

    For October reading, please visit here:
    No damn cat and no damn cradle.

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    I am a newcomer . This site is very nice...

    Thesedays, I am reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. a nice book

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    Serious Creativity by Edward De Bono is a lovely book, which changed my views on creative thinking quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilknur View Post
    I am a newcomer . This site is very nice...
    Same here. Relatively. Been poking around to find where all the action is. Apparently, the Forum Book Club gets most of the attention. Two years ago, anyhow. I'll be around.
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    I was looking "The Awakening ". thanks for sharing

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    very nice idea..well done

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    Will take note about these suggestions! I really hope I'd be able to read them all.

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    I've been meaning to read Margaret Atwood - It's a great time to start

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    I am new to this wonderful site and would like to get involved in a group reading or book club read here. Could someone please tell me how to be notified of which books have been chosen for a given month, say January 2014, and whether I have any input as to book selection? Thanks.

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    Hi Tyrion,

    The rules are here:

    The polls and nominations are posted in this forum, the current polls should be at the top of the page.
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