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Thread: Upton Sinclair Must Reads--

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    Upton Sinclair Must Reads--

    As a reader I like to go through various author's works. I want to start on Upton Sinclair, but outside of The Jungle and Oil! I'm not sure which others to read. Suggestions? Thanks--

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    To raider60: Many texts here on this site. The Machine is interesting drama. q1

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    there are plenty of his works right her on Litnet. Just see Sinclair, Upton in the Author List.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niamh View Post
    there are plenty of his works right her on Litnet. Just see Sinclair, Upton in the Author List.

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    Try King Coal. Interesting look into the plight of the coal miner without the heavy hand of The Jungle.
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