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Thread: Which Hesse Short Story?

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    Which Herman Hesse Short Story?

    Some time ago I read a short story by Herman Hesse about a new mother who has one wish for her child. She wishes that her child be loved. Through the course of that child's life he comes to realize that it is better to love than to be loved. I cannot remember the name of this story. I read it in a collection of short stories by Herman Hesse. Does anyone know the title? Thanks.
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    I know in "Gertrude" there is this theme but it is only an undercurrent one. Could this be the book you are thinking of?
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    That is funny, that sounds more like Demien to me, but that is a novel, although it is a short one or novellete. I read it about 30 yrs ago, so don't go by me, but if I recall the main character did learn the lesson that 'it is better to love then to be loved' or more that if 'one does not demand to be loved, then love will come to that person'....well something like that, anyway. I used to know the exact line but now I have forgotten it. I can try and look it up for you. It is late now and I my poor brain is barely functioning.

    I just looked on Wikipedia and here is the link to the Hesse page for Demien:

    You might also look in the general page for the author....some great photos in there.
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    The story you're thinking about is called "Augustus".

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    I just read this story earlier. It is called "Augustus" It's a very good story, isn't it? A tad confusing towards the end though. And I can't figure out the whole "singing children" bit. Oh well; we'll figure it out eventually, hm?

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