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Thread: quotations of the mighty minded

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    quotations of the mighty minded

    type in a hurry so there are probably more errors than i count.
    anyway`s enjoy, hopefully

    quotations of the mighty minded
    litter our thoughts and actions
    daily, need we be reminded
    these words control our reactions

    does it make a difference
    if the same thing is said
    in an effort of destruction or defense
    from the living or the dead

    credibilty of the creators
    these ideas are symbiotic
    they need both dictators
    and the idiotic

    i happen to be the latter
    my mind is rusting over
    with words that don`t matter
    my ideas, less ocuring than the clover

    everything has been said in one way or another
    so when we quote one we really quote many
    when you learned something from your mother
    your really learning from her sister and brother

    i guess it all comes down to trust
    whom we do and those we don`t
    what we think is fair and unjust
    what`d we`ll do and what we won`t

    what i used to be will pass away and then you`ll see that all i want to know is happiness for you and me...

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    I happen to love true that it's all been said before, and yet we manage somehow to create our world anew with the same old language. I like your reflections and your unlikely source. It never would have occurred to me to write about that!

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    A delightful rearrangement
    of what went before!


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