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Thread: Paradise Lost appropriations?

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    Paradise Lost appropriations?

    I need to find two appropriations (works that draw on the original text) of Paradise Lost.

    So far I have the His Dark Materials series by Philliip Pullman, but I am having trouble finding anything else.

    Any suggestions?

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    Maybe Mary Shelley Frankstein or Neil Gaiman Sandman's (the Season of the Mists part)

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    How about the mock-heroic works in Eighteenth-century Lit? Milton was much parodied figure then.
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    Does it have to been in literature? If not, (CAUTION: ITS ABOUT TO GET NERDY IN HERE!!!!) what about Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith? Anakin Skywalker's submission to the dark side is reminiscent of Lucifer's fall from grace. Watching him lay, writhing on the ground, reminds me of Lucifer as a serpent. The final scene, where Darth Vader is revealed, could also be a reference to Lucifer's triumphant return to Hell.

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    I think it is also present (though very vaguely) in Hawthorne's The Marble Faun. But I'd stick with the Mary Shelley.

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