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    Please explain critically this poem for me.

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    Why don't you first offer up your interpretation before asking us to do what sounds suspiciously close to a homework assignment. Great poem by the way.
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    The dramatic monologue "Ulyysses" was written in 1853 immediately after the death of Tenyson's bosom friend Arthur Henry Hallam. The bereavement gave the poet a new meaning of life, to move forward and to face the hazards of life. The champion of the Trojan War Ulysses came to the poet as the model of activities.

    King Ulysses is tired and bored of an idle and indolent life. Ithaca, his kingdom does not provide him with the tastes of adventurism. With his aged wife Penelope and uncivilized subjects, Ulysses has developed strong detestation to the stereo-typed life. He reminisces his salad days filled with ventursome activities. Now, on the brink of his ages, he has turned all the more zealous to gain more experiences. Life, according to Ulysses, ought to be spent in harness, and not in passivity. Knowledge should be pursued till the last breath. He intends to give over the charge of the kingdom to his son Telemachas who is apt to sway the sceptre. He can tactfully administer over the people. Ulysses, now, tries to ignite spirits among his comrades to embark on a furthur journey as the ship has been kept ready. He believes, in spite of infirmity of old age, they can still shoulder the task of another voyage. The deep seas beckon him. With his companions he can set out for a journey to the west and can meet Achilles beneath the aquatic world. He knows that his companions, who have come to the fag-end of lives, cannot enjoy the bygone energy and gusto. But, nothing can stop them from their undertaking.

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