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Thread: A Werewolf In Full Moon

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    A Werewolf In Full Moon

    A Werewolf In Full Moon

    The moon came from its hideout,
    And I howled!
    The stars didn't light the skyway,
    And I howled!
    I saw your face in outer space,
    And I howled!
    You glared at me through the moonlight,
    And I howled!
    The rain broke the silent night,
    And I howled!
    I smiled...and you scowled,
    And I howled!
    You ran away with fright,
    And I howled...
    What do you think about this one, guys?
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    Repetition can prove to be a powerful tool in poetry, yet this was a bit over used. Also, you struggled a little too much to make rhyme. I can see the emotion you are trying to convey, but its on the other side of the room. Try move to bridge that gap with an informal, open poem.
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    I think it is a howler!


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