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Thread: Confused about Parliament

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    Confused about Parliament

    Ok don't think I am an idiot I just don't know much about England's Parliament. Why doesn’t it last long? It seems that Vavasor was only in for a few months and Finn was always whining about his seat not lasting long. But Plantagenet always had a seat?

    I am confused as to why when they would win an election it would only be for a few short months.

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    Vavasor had to stand earlier than he had expected because the existing member for the Chelsea districts inherited an aristocratic title and had to leave the Commons for the House of Lords. He, Vavasor, stood for the unexpected vacancy. He then had to stand again at the time of the General Election a few months later. I have not read the other book that you refer to but I should imagine it was a similar situation in that a vacancy arose not long before the time when all members of parliament have to stand for election.
    This somtimes happens when someone resigns, as happened recently in Britain, or there is a death.

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