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Thread: essay intro para help!

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    essay intro para help!

    heey peoplee... i need helpp

    okaay so in class we've read
    horses of the night - margaret laurence
    king lear
    accidental tourist - anne tyler
    a rose for emily - william faulkener
    yellow wallpaper - charlotte perkins gilman
    the metamorphosis - franz kafka

    so the question is..

    Consider how the desire for independence and the need for security have been reflected and developed in a literary text or texts you have studied.

    i am thinking of using Horses of the night.. because that's a really good one.
    but i really need help with the intro paragraph, i just cant think of anything!

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    Hmmm, I've only read Kafka and Faulkner which doesn't help you much. I presume your'e doing a "bare bones" essay standard thesis (5 paragraph) format right? What grabs you so strongly about Horses of the Night in relation to the question? Can you or do you have one-on-one lab time with your teacher/professor? I would catch them first chance I got since ultimately they are the one you are writing for and we out here have not had the privledge of sitting in on the class. There can be some miscommunication on-line, where as I've had professors actually enjoy more questions face-to-face because it shows you care -- good luck!
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