Im only on chapter 4 but already Im rembering why I used to enjoy her novels so much, shes just got a way with words, for instance I just love this line
Poverty--grinding, unceasing, uninteresting poverty, had been Sir Marmaduke's relentless tormentor ever since he had reached man's estate.
unintresting poverty... I just love that image.

Hypocracy seems to be an emerging theme in the story so far, the puritans corrupted by their power, greed, slefishness, envy, money.. all that stuff.

But what Im really wondering now is this, are her books really as incredibly well resreched and historically accurate as they appear to be, so far everylittle thing Ive had to look up has been right on the nail accurate. Which means Im also learning/ absorbing quite a bit of history here as I go along, for instance did you know that 'thee' and 'thou' was second person singular and 'you' was second person plural, or extremly polite second person eg talking to someon of a higher social standing or social importance.

unfortunatly the more I look at the history of the time the more confusing it is quite a lot of emerging religious questions like Who are agarians? and millennialist what does millenniumhave to do with christianity?
And how did they think they were going to bring about a new Jeruslem in england?