the poet never knows what to say
an image to capture fades away

words can`t explain
why the mind strains

an idea to create, like a god reflected
though the image is perfect, it`s always rejected

your soul won`t allow it, beauty is flawed
yet we attempt to attain the eternal fraud

a prophet once said everything i say now
for every things been said some how

time is limitless, or so it seems
life is a jewel, though it rarely gleams

this thoughts seem distant, vague, obscure
but your knowledge is beyond mine, i`m sure

your mind is superior in every way
so you can see beyond today

tomorrows so distant it seems like a dream
of things to come and images to be seen

things never spoken, things never told
stories of legend, and tales of old

these things fade with time, decay with tomorrows never to be
so think as a prophet, speak as a poet, open your heart for the world to see