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    Short story, Finished.

    The dank dark saloon was loud with activity, men shouting and hollering beer sloshed and guns fired. Women laughed and yelled the dark low yellow lights hardly helped to show the man in the corner a small cigar in his teeth. the door to the saloon opened and seven large men stood in the doorway all became silent as they walked to the bar their spurs clinging as they moved hands on their guns, each took a seat at a table when the largest men snorted and pounded on the table and yelled over his shoulder at the bar, "Barkeep!" he leaned back in his chair and spread his arms out palms up "a beer for all my friends..." the saloon erupted with laughter and cheering as beers were handed to each of the men at the table and then to each man in the bar, the man who ordered stood and yelled over the sounds. "Now, id like to say a toast!' the sounds continued louder the man became angry and fired at his colt at the ceiling all became silent as when he opened the door he held his gun at his hip lopsidedly, "now...a toast.."
    he raised his Beer "to the meanest, nastiest and Richest som*****es in the whole West!" he drank deep from his mug and threw the half empty vessel against the wall and fell into his chair gesturing to a woman to come closer and sit on his lap. the man in the corner stood and walked to the Table with the men dragging a chair with him, he placed the chair across from the men and sat placing his colt on the table and six Bullets next to it. His eyes were hidden by his hat which was pulled low over his face the cigar smoking and glowing. The large man began to laugh low then louder as each man at the table began to laugh and pound making noise.
    The bar became quite once again for the third time as they realized what was happening, the large man stared at the Stranger a small smile on his face.
    "well stranger...I donít believe me or any of my boys here said you had the right to sit there." the Stranger stared at the Large leader and in a deep gravely seldom used voice he said "I just thought id let you left one thing out of your toast." he said extending his index finger a near smile on his face, the Large group leader laughed again and said with glee. "Well stranger, why donít you fill me in on what exactly I left out..." he drew his Colt and laid it on the table pointed at the Stranger.
    the Stranger looked at the man and said with entire sincerity "you forgot to say, you are the the Whole west..." the large man stared blankly at the Stranger his eyes flared with anger as he and the Six other men stood their guns aimed at his head and chest, as one of the taller men stood he hit the light suspended over the Table as it swung back and forth the light shone on the Stranger and revealed his attire, he wore a faded red suit Coat, a high collar with a small square of White indicating his religious conviction. The Large man smiled and laughed as he saw this "a priest!" the man laughed deeper and harder along with the six other men.
    he looked at the Priest and said "Well Father, Iím not one for killing clergy...but you insulted me and my men." he cocked the hammer on his Colt back and aimed at the Mans head and said "If youíve got any last words make them a Prayer." the Stranger Looked up at the Man his face revealed a scraggly half blonde beard and cold blue eyes that seemed to shine with their own light, his eyes were squinted the wrinkles around them shone clearly. he spoke in his deep cold voice and reached for his colt opening the Chamber and Slid in one bullet at a time while saying "Our father" his inserted another Bullet "who art in heaven" the click of yet another bullet rang out "hallowed be thy name" again the gun clicks "thy kingdom come " Click " they will be done" he spun and closed the Chamber aiming at the man in front of him "on earth as it is in heaven" he fired his gun and the man fell back with pain still holding the trigger down he stood quickly and fired six rounds at the heads of each man within seconds and each fell leaving the only one standing, the Stranger walked over slowly his spurs clang as he kicks one of the chairs out of his way staring the man in the eye he says "I never shoot the Last man Standing." the man shakes with fear as the Stranger Turns and walks slowly out of the bar the man behind him aims his colt and fires the bullet ricochets off a pot and the Stranger turns his hand pointing at the Scared man his index finger extended his thumb held Straight up his cold eyes never blink as the scared man falls a split second before the sound of the gun reaches the ears of all the bar patrons the Derringer hidden in his sleeve taking the place of his Pantomimed gun.
    The Stranger turned and walked out of the saloon stopping to tear the wanted poster with pictures of seven men on it off the Wall, and walked slowly to the Sheriff who was standing outside his office.
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