Short story, in the middle of being written with my friend DM. mains stars are Spite, Zack and Dracula.

I am Dracula, I bid you welcome.

These words echoed in my mind as I lay in the soft feather bed, my last memories flashes of Hatred pain and anger. I tried to sit up in the bed but I couldn’t move my arms, legs or torso, a mans soft but firm grip on my shoulder held me even further, his soft yet pointed features I could hardly discern through the haze of my vision. His soft accented voice sounded Familiar yet was so alien to me, “How did you sleep?” I felt no fear of him yet the pitch of his voice would have made a normal mans heart beat like a drum.
The question made me blink I thought for a moment if a man were to kill me, why would he ask how I slept?
The mans voice rang slowly and echoed softly “I cannot kill you twice, Vincent”
I again attempted to sit up and found no resistance in my muscles nor the mans hand, I held my face with my hand blinking slowly I turned my head and looked at the man through my fingers. He face seemed lit with a soft focus a slight haze around the edge, a fatherly smile on his pointed face a glint in his dark eyes as when his child has performed well. His voice was soft and very slow, comforting yet hard “You must be thirsty, Vincent.” I at last realized Vincent was my name also in this second my memories slightly returned, I remembered the Pub, the man, the Smile, the pain, the eyes…the Eyes of Dracula.

“Ah, Dracula, the First and the last, the beginning and the end, alpha…and omega.”
Dracula’s voice spoke as he stood the fire blazing behind him casting no shadow on me, “Come Vincent, I will Deliver you to a feast.” he held out his hand to me and I took it with no hesitation, I stepped out of the bed and found that I was fully clothed in black as was Dracula.
He led me to a large elegant Gothic dining room the high arches of the doors ghastly oversized to men.
His hand lead me to a long and morbidly adorned table, I moved unknowingly taking my seat next top the head of the table, Dracula sitting of course at the head of the table. He looked at me and smiled moving his hands up and into the air speaking in the voice that captivated me, I would love nothing more then to listen to this voice forever “Welcome to Castle Dracula, Many peasants and so called heroes have tried and failed to gain entrance to its vast and empty chambers, None of them however have been treated so gently as you will be.” I looked down at the table and saw in the Plate so shiny like a mirror, I saw my face my long black hair was unkempt and Unruly, my skin which was once so colourful so full of life was now pale and sickly, I thought at first I had died I had taken ill and this was a dream.
But why, why would I dream of Dracula the killer, Dracula the Vampire, Dracula the eternal.

Dracula smiled at me he laughed a deep evil laugh that made my cold skin crawl, “The many names of Dracula I have only one Name, Vincent.” he looked at me as a servant stepped close with a large silver tray in one hand and a snifter of wine in the other, the servant placed the tray and the wine on the table Dracula smiled at was instantly behind the servant snapping his neck to one side his mouth opened to a ghastly size his Incisor teeth growing horribly long piercing the servants neck I felt no fear Nor anger, But loss… loss that it was not I that was given this blood, Dracula dropped the now drained Servant to the floor the blood that had spilt onto his cheek and lips seemed to be absorbed into Dracula’s flesh itself he wiped the side of his mouth and moved his left arm behind his back his right moving in front as he bowed to me saying in the voice I loved so “I am Count Vladislaus Dracula.” he raised himself up and sat at the table looking at me his arm resting on the chair two fingers wrapped around his chin his thumb resting against the opposite side of his jaw, he gestured with his hand to the tray and wine “You are hungry, yes” I was in fact very hungry I removed the trays lid yet the Cornish game hen would not Slake my hunger, the 18 year old red wine would not quench my thirst. Dracula knew this and he stood quickly and spoke “Come” I stood and walked behind him staring at the Castle walls, Dracula opened the Double doors and lead me to a room that was warmly lit by many candles and a large fireplace despite all the fire I felt no warmth, Dracula turned to me and spoke “You, are still hungry, yes? I nodded to Dracula wondering how I could still be Hungry after all the food. “Ah” Dracula said raising a finger and moving closer to me bending slightly to the side to look into my eyes as I was staring at the floor “You thirst for something other then wine, Vincent.” he placed to fingers under my jaw and raised my eyes to meet his “you thirst.. For Blood.” despite all that I felt in those soul annihilating words I knew it to be true, I knew what I wanted, I knew I would do anything to get it. Dracula turned and looked out the window at the Full moon “I, Can give you exactly what you want, Vincent.” he turned again and looked at me I felt the hands of many around my shoulders and back I turned and saw several beautiful women with lust in their eyes. Dracula spoke from behind me in a loud and clear voice “You may have any of them you wish, But if you take one you must repay my kindness with a favour, Vincent” I wanted their blood so badly I would do anything to get it I nodded and Dracula knew I had made my choice, I heard a high squeak as that of a bat or Mouse and I new Dracula had left me.

When I awoke I was in the same feather bed as before I felt so energetic, so alive I went to the dining room, somehow I knew my way around this place I found Dracula sitting at the Table from the other evening he took a Cloth and wiped at his mouth standing he embraced me as a brother and gestured for me to sit I moved and retook my seat from the other evening I looked to Dracula and he knew my question before I asked it “I know you wish to know the nature of the favour I am to ask, Vincent.” I nodded slightly fearful for I knew not wither I could accomplish a task Dracula himself could not do, Dracula began a tale…

“The year, 1462 the year of my murder the birth of the First vampire according to legend, at this same moment in time a Human was born I know not his name or age nor Location but within him beats a heart that will never stop, a hear that will forever beat the rhythm of life, and bleed only the purest of Blood.” Dracula stood and I did the same “I cannot leave this castle at the moment, but you can, Vincent.” Dracula took me by the shoulders “I need you to bring me this Heart, Vincent.” I nodded I would find and bring Dracula this heart, But I was doomed to fail Perhaps Dracula knew this as he saw my off from his castle door perhaps he was watching somehow when the Hunter Van helsing drove a steak through my heart in Paris maybe Dracula had some place in my Destruction, But I will never know, I have spoken to you young vampire, Brother of Dracula, Son of the Night, to finish my Quest for me Bring Dracula the Eternal heart.

---- Vincent miseria.

Spite stood from his knelling position over the grave and looked west before erupting into Bats and taking to Flight.