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Thread: pride and prejudice>>> i need help quickly

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    Talking pride and prejudice>>> i need help quickly

    i am a new member here , i am very glad to be one in '' literature network forums ....

    i need some help .. i have many questions about pride and prejudice that i hope anyone can give me whole detail about them or about one of these question >>>> please help me , i need these assignments for monday because i will give it to the teacher as homework.....

    if there is a site for that give me too ...

    the questions are :

    1. what is the importance of property in pride and prejudice ??

    2. why didnt Elizabeth tell her family what she had learned about Wickham ? do you think she was right not to do so?

    3. why , when and how did Elizabeth fall in love with Mr.darcy ???

    4. why is lady Catherrine de bourge an important character in the novel ?think of plot and themes .

    5. to what extent are the failings of the Bennet girls the result of the failings of the parents ?

    if anyone has informations about one of these questions, please help me

    thank you for your help ..

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    Have you actually read the book? these questions are not hard.
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    i have been reading this novel ,,, but i didnt understand well how i can answered these questions by writting essays >.. i need one essay from these questions at least ... so , please help me to answer one of these questions by essay writting >..

    dapperdrake , if you see these questions are easy , please help me

    thanx for you ..

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    please help me >>> why you are just looking at my replay without helping me >>>>> i really need your helps

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    1. What is the importance of property in pride and prejudice?
    It is very important in the beginning of the book, examples that show its "importance" is the gossip all about Mr Collins and how he will own their house when Mr Bennet dies and all the girls will basically be homeless. So yes, it is very important in the beginning. Also, people are always talking about Pemberly and how great it is, they don't say much else good about Mr Darcy. But in the end you are led to believe that property really isn't very important after all.

    2. Why didn't Elizabeth tell her family what she had learned about Wickham? Do you think she was right not to do so?
    She didn't tell her family about Wickham because she figured he was out of their lives and she felt that it was personable, I think. She loved Darcy even then and felt like she was holding his secret and cherished that even if she wouldn't or couldn't admit to loving him at that point in time. It's up to you to say if she was right in not telling them though. Personally I respect her loyalty shown for Darcy and his sister by not telling the big secret.

    3. Why, when and how did Elizabeth fall in love with Mr. Darcy?
    It was process more than a moment. She starts to really feel for him after he proposes. And when she reads his letter she sees the truth and can't stop thinking about him and her own pride and prejudice held against him when the whole time she thought it was his doing. She loves him because he is fabulous Fitzwilliam Darcy! Isn't that enough??? Ha, only joking... well sorta!

    4. Why is Lady Catherine de Bourge an important character in the novel? Think of plot and themes.
    She almost represents a blame for Mr Darcy's behavior, it seems. She also brings all the love out of them, re-encourages their affections and passions without meaning to at all. Lady Catherine's coming to Longbourn and offending Elizabeth so much was like a slap in the face for Elizabeth; saying 'WAKE UP! YOU LOVE THE MAN!' And so.. that is my little dash on her. I can't stand the woman but you've got to thank her for playing a blind matchmaker.

    5. To what extent are the failings of the Bennet girls the result of the failings of the parents?
    Well, Mrs Bennet's mistakes are pretty obvious because the woman is so loud and obnoxious and giggly. But it is harder to accuse Mr Bennet of his mistakes because he is such a likable grandfather type. But his biggest mistake for the time period was not putting his girls "out there" enough. Back then as a woman, if you didn't marry well you were going to live in a dump. It was super rare to have a successful career independently as a woman. Which is really terrible but true. Mr Bennet didn't think it was right to force your babies out of the nest for marriage, and he thought love was more important than wealth and status. He cared enough about all that for Elizabeth and Jane anyway. As far as the other three, he didn't mind too much about them and wasn't strict enough.

    That's all I have to say about that. Hope it helped?
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    Is it this coming Monday your essay is due?

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    Quote Originally Posted by essayer37849 View Post
    Is it this coming Monday your essay is due?
    I daresay it was about 5 1/2 years ago.
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