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Thread: The Golden Honeymoon

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    The Golden Honeymoon

    Anybody ever read this? Told in first person it is masterfully funny. You end up laughing at the narrator who would have no idea why anybody would laugh at him. And yet you sympathize too. I just finished it and I recommend it if you're looking for a different kind of short story.

    Plus, it just seemed to me that somebody should post something under Ring Lardner.

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    Surpised nobody replied. I love Ring Lardner, but it seems like he's been forgotten.

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    I must nibble on a carrot

    I found several of his books in a grandparent's attic He was very funny in a clean sort of way. He was also a sports reporter of sorts, covering the World's Serious (as he called the Worrld Series) and heavyweight boxing.

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