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Thread: Can anyone recommend authors like Ray Bradbury?

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    Can anyone recommend authors like Ray Bradbury?

    I want someone full of awesome. =)
    I've read Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451 and most of Dandelion Wine.
    I also plan on checking out more of Bradbury himself, obviously.
    Oh and I think I liked Martian Chronicles most. What I'm looking for is the horror-tinged moments of his stories.. not necessarily horror itself, I'm not into Poe/Lovecraft. And I'm usually not into sci-fi, either. So I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting at here. Perhaps someone else will see what I'm saying and can think of someone "similar" to Bradbury. Thanks.

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    I've found that Azimov was similar to Bradbury in some aspects. They were writing in the same period, but Bradbury is singular, and really without compare in his genre. I would recommend the book "Something Wicked This Way Comes" to you.
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    You say you do not usually read sci-fi, but you may enjoy C S Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet, Voyage to Venus and That Hideous Strength (I think that's the title of the last of the trilogy). They are a bit dated and have a sub-text but are enjoyable.

    Philip K Dick wrote some stories that have been made into films - the plots have aged reasonably well but the language is a bit dated.

    I enjoyed Robert Silverberg's Lord Valentine's Castle and the books that followed it - character wins over sci-fi fantasy. Lord Valentine is on my list of Fictional Characters I Would Most Like to Meet!

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    Try C. M. Kornbluth, if you can find any of his works. The ones he wrote with Fred Pohl are OK.

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