In my opinion, this is a terrible book, but not because of bad writing, but because of a boring plot. However, that is not why I am writing this. I had to read this book for my LA class and of course, I was not happy. The book begins in a small village where the stranger (invisible man) appears in a local inn. The people are all like wtf, who is this guy. He is covered from head to toe in clothing (because he is invisible). He carries out experiments in his room. He later reveals that he is invisible to the people in the inn, then he flees. He meets a tramp, Thomas Marvel, and forces him to become his assisstant (He broke one of Marvel's feet with a rock, so Marvel agreed to be his assisstant- lol) Griffin (the invisible man's real name) flees to Dr. Kemps home. Kemp studied w/ Griffin at a university. Kemp thinks Griffin is insane and is going to turn him in to the police. Griffin gets angry and threatens to kill Kemp. Kemp runs to the village and Griffin chases him. A mob jumps the invisible man and kills him. This was a very vague description of the plot. For a more in depth summary, visit