ha ha this is me just playing around with superheroes. I like to have fun with sci-fi



Peter stood in front of a damp gravestone in an eerie silence. He stared down at the name ‘Stephine’ with icy sapphire blue eyes. He ran his hand through his raven black hair as he whispered something to himself. Peter looked back at the gravestone. He knelt down; his porcelain skin shone above the dark green grass that now grew over the gravesite.

“I’m so sorry, Steph,” cried Peter. He could feel his tears flooding his sapphire eyes. Peter dropped a bundle of blood red roses in front of the stones. “I tried my hardest! I swear I tried my hardest, but-but somehow he got to you before I-I could help.”

Peter paused for a moment to scan the area to see if anybody was coming near him. He looked back down at the gravestone. “People tell me all the time that a traumatic event happens and that is how a person decides whether they want to choose either to become a hero or a villain.” Peter pauses for a moment as he stands up. “I have chosen the path of a hero…”

Part One:
Peter Stone

“Just break the silence
'cause I'm drifting away
Away from you
Link it to the world
Link it to yourself
Stretch it like it's a birth squeeze
And the love for what you hide
And the bitterness inside
Is growing like the new born
When you've seen, seen
Too much, too young, young
Soulless is everywhere.”
-New Born Muse

Chapter One

A young woman named Alice Stone walked into a counseling office. She sat down in a chair waiting for the counselor to come inside. Alice watched a clock while she twirled her long raven black hair. She looked up at a door with icy sapphire eyes as the counselor knocked on it.

The counselor walked into the room. She forced a smile on her face at the sight of Alice. Alice always came here for some reason. “Hello Alice,” greeted the counselor in an overly optimistic voice. She sat down at a desk in front of Alice. “How are things going at home?”

“Hello Mrs. Madison,” greeted Alice. Alice quickly collected all of her thoughts before speaking to the consular. “Look I need to talk to you about Peter. He-he is still having a lot of trouble and I think he is going to need serious help.”

“Look I don’t have the time for your brother right now,” hissed the counselor. “He is not one of my students. I think you should tell him to go speak with Mr. Green.”

“But I do not like him! Peter doesn’t even like him!” exclaimed Alice. “Peter! My own little brother is in need of your help, and here you are throwing him into somebody else’s care because he is such a hassle!”

“I am sorry Alice. I just have been having a stressful day and you two, are such a hassle,” replied the counselor. She stood up and began to pace to and fro inside of the room. “Your brother is supposed to be reporting to a counseling session during second period but he has not attended one yet. Try to catch him and make sure he reports to this today.”

Alice shook her head as she stood up and walked away. The counselor attempted to stop her, but Alice was already out the door. Outside, Alice froze up inside of the hallway; there stood Peter, he little brother. He stood there perfectly still like a gorgeous Greacian statue.

“Peter,” said Alice as she approached him. He looked up at her with his icy sapphire eyes. “I have to talk to you about something important.” Peter looked away from his sister as she came closer to him. “Mrs. Madison said that you are supposed to go to a counseling session during second period.”

Peter just stood there looking at her. He shook his head before walking away from Alice. She reached out, grabbing Peter by the arm and pulled him backwards. “Listen to me! You need help Peter!”

Peter spun around to face Alice with anger glowing in his eyes. “Shut up!” he growled. “You have no right to get into my life! It is all your fault that they send me to shrinks because they think that I am suicidal!”

“Well I guess that is what happens when you jump off buildings,” replied Alice.

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself!” shouted Peter.

“Than what were you doing?”

Peter hesitated for a moment. He leaned closer to Alice. “I can fly…I can fly, Ali!” Peter hesitated for a second time. “I was just exercising all of my powers. You have no idea how hard it is when you have abilities like these thrown onto you!”

Alice shoved Peter away from herself and into a wall. A large crack appeared in the wall instantly after Peter hit it. He spun around looking at the damage. “Now people are going to think that you are insane!” she screamed at him. A few people looked up at them as they passed in the hallway. “You have to get a hold of yourself!”

Peter looked back and forth between Alice and the wall. “Look! Look at what I…I did!” he whispered. Peter smiled for the first time in months. He ran his hand across the wall. “I am Nemo.”

“No you are Peter Stone and you are going to keep it like that!” screamed Alice. Tears rushed out of her eyes as anger began to boil inside of her. I hate him! I cannot stand that freak when he gets like this! The jerk! The mutant! “I am going to tell Zoë about your little experiments.”

“Ok first of all you don’t call her Zoë it is mom. Second of all they are not experiments! I am saving people, Ali, saving people!” exclaimed Peter. He stormed away from Alice ignoring her as she called out his name. Peter went straight to his first class and sat down close to the front. The teacher was fixing a few tings at her desk. Peter did not look up at her as she called to him.

“Hello Peter,” she greeted. “How are things going right now?” Peter did not look up at her. He just sat there staring at his desk. “I found a book that I think you might enjoy The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson.” The teacher stood up and brought the book over to Peter. She put it down in front of him. “The book has these beautiful illustrations by N.C. Wyeth and I remember that you liked him.” The teacher hesitates as Peter began to flip through the book. “It is all about the War of the Roses. Also I know you like the author…right?”

Peter continued to flip through the book without answering the teacher. He stopped on one of the illustrations with a curious expression. Two other students walked into the classroom. One was a short stout kid with dark brown hair that fanned out in front of his face throwing a shadow over his chocolate eyes. His name was Seth. The other was a tall, skinny, pasty kid who had beastly bright red hair and neon green eyes. His name was Jeb.

Seth and Jeb sat behind Peter in their assigned seats. Peter ignored them as they began to talk. He finally looked up at the teacher. “Thank you,” he said in a soft voice. Peter opened his mouth to say something else, but he was rudely interrupted when Both Seth and Jeb broke into laughter as they sat there.

“It actually spoke!” jeered Seth. Peter looked away from them and down at the book. He did not say anything to the teacher.

“Now that is a first,” laughed Jeb. He leaned back in his seat as he watched Peter with his neon green eyes. “What’s up Peter?”

Peter did not answer him as he sat there looking down at the desk. A another student walked into the room. Peter looked up at her with a faint glint of happiness in his eyes. The student went by the name of Katrina Love and she was gorgeous. Katrina was the average size of a teenage girl. She had long curly golden blond hair that she wore up all the time in a Latin style and dark emerald green eyes that showed every emotion.

Peter watched as Katrina made her way to her seat on the other side of the room. She dropped all of her books before walking toward them. Peter held his breathe as she passed him to speak with Seth. Katrina leaned forward giggling as she kissed Seth.

“You look cute today!” she cooed. Katrina sat down on top of the desk as she stared into Seth’s brown eyes. Her face glowed as she smiled at Seth. “I missed you so, so, so, so much over the weekend! I thought my heart was going to burst if I did not see you today.”

“That is nice to know,” said Seth. He looked over at Jeb while Katrina continued to tell him about her weekend. Seth smiled at his friend. Jeb nodded before Seth turned to face Katrina.

“Then I had to watch him for the whole night even though it was obvious he did not like me at all. I cannot believe that Mrs. Jennizenki!” rambled Katrina.

“You have a stalker, Kitty,” stated Seth. Katrina instantly stopped rambling as she stared at Seth with fear ablaze in her eyes. He used his hands to turn her face. Peter sat there looking at Katrina. He eyes strayed when he saw that Katrina was looking in his direction. “Should I take care of him for you?”

“No…Peter is a nice guy…just a bit morose at times,” laughed Katrina. Her dark emerald eyes lingered on Peter for a few minutes longer.

“Have you actually spoken to him?” laughed Jeb.

“Yes, all the time.” Katrina stood up and walked over to Peter’s desk. He looked up at her with his icy sapphire eyes. “See you next period.” She walked over to her seat as the teacher started the class. Peter sat there smiling to himself as he thought about Katrina. He watched her all through out the class.

In the front the teacher spoke about the chapter they read last night in 1984 by George Orwell. Everybody just began to read the book. Peter looked up at her a few times, but his eyes always lingered upon Katrina’s angelic face.

“Peter, what do you think ‘War is peace’ means?” asked the teacher to test him.

Peter’s eyes instantly snapped to the front of the classroom. The teacher was standing directly in front of him. He scanned the area realizing for the first time that his book was supposed to be out, but that did not stop Peter from answering the question.

“I believe that we are plagued by war because us, humans, are incapable of having peace without fighting first. Throughout history if a treaty is signed it is broken later because one side became greedy. That is just how humans are greedy, blood thirsty creatures.”

The whole class gaped at Peter as he sat there. He looked over at Katrina as she gaped at him in fear. The teacher watched him for a moment before turning to he rest of the class. “That was an…inter-esting point that Peter made. Is there something that somebody might want to add.”

“I think that you are wrong, Peter,” gasped Katrina. “The only way to have peace is through love!”

“There is a song called Hero it by Nickelback and the lyrics say, ‘Somebody told me that love would all save us. Now how could that be look at what gave us a world full of killing and blood spilling’.”

“What does that have to do with 1984?” asked Katrina.

“I am proving your statement wrong.” Katrina gasped. “You are starting a debate with me.” Peter looked away from her and at his desk. He could feel embarrassment burn his cheeks. “I retire.” Peter glanced up at Katrina as she smiled at him. He gorgeous face gave off a radiant glow as she smiled.

Later, after first period Peter moped through the hallways until he reached the gym. He slipped into the locker rooms ignoring all of the other guys who were changing. Peter soon slipped out into the gym in a tight pair of black pants and shirt. He sat on the bleachers and pulled off his normal shoes and replaced them with soft black dance shoes.

Katrina stumbled toward Peter. She paused a few times before sitting down beside him on the bleachers. Fear mixed with excitement glowed inside of Katrina’s emerald eyes as she studied Peter’s porcelain face. “Hello Pete.”

“Peter,” he said without thinking. Peter looked up to see that it was Katrina speaking to him. His face turned even paler if that was possible. “I-I d-d-don’t…like P-P-Pete be-be-because it sounds t-to much l-l-like a t-type of s-s-s-soil,” he gasped through white lips. Peter jumped to his feet once his dance shoes were firmly attached to his feet. Katrina giggled as she watched him start to stretch on the opposite side of the gym.

Tarja, a close friend of Katrina’s, walked over to her. Tarja started to laugh as she followed her friend’s gaze. “Of coarse you are thinking about the morose ones,” she teased. Katrina gave her a dark look. “What?”

“I feel sorry for him,” she whispered. “Maybe I can help him.”

Katrina pulled away from her friend and walked over to where Peter stretched. She sat down beside him and began to stretch out her legs. “Have you ever heard of Isolde i Feardorcha?” Peter nodded his head as an unspoken reply. “Well see I don’t have a partner and I was hoping to perform the dance between Isolde and Dmyr when he murdered the magistrate.”

Peter looked over at her with a growing curiosity. Katrina smiled at him as if she could read his thoughts. “You are the best dancer in this class. Everybody says if you don’t earn a scholarship in dancing the rest of us are goners.”

Peter forced a smile upon his face as he looked up at Katrina. She reached out her arm before finishing stretching. Katrina helped Peter to his feet while smiling at him. Peter instantly stopped smiling as he looked down at his feet mumbling something to himself. Without listening to music Peter began to gracefully dance across the floor with Katrina as his partner.

The teacher came into the room and watched as Peter danced with Katrina. She sighed as she leaned against the wall to watch them. Peter abruptly stopped at the sight of her. He watched the teacher but she nodded her head allowing him to continue. The teacher turned some music on for them to dance to.

“You are-are a great dancer,” whispered Peter. He spun Katrina around to a stop. Katrina stood there as she rapidly breathed. Peter amazed her so much that it stung her heart. He released Katrina from his grip and backed away from her. “You are a pretty woman.”

Peter ran away from her and sat over on the bleachers. He buried his face into his hands. Katrina stood there gripping her chest as she felt a painful jolt rip through her body. She stood there staring at Peter as tears ran to her eyes, luckily, none of them rolled down her cheeks. Katrina turned away from Peter and sat down on the opposite side of the gym. She could feel her whole body shaking, her heart raced inside of her…every time she looked up at Peter. There was something about Peter that pulled Katrina toward him like a magnet.

After the school day Peter moped through the hallways toward the busses. While he walked Seth and Jeb came toward him. Peter glanced at them remembering how Seth used to be his best friend before he betrayed him. Peter looked in front of himself to see Katrina walking through the hallway.

Katrina froze up gasping for breathe at the sight of Peter. She looked away from Peter and at the floor. Peter stopped in front of Katrina and forced her to look at him. “Do not be shy,” he whispered to her. Katrina looked up into Peter’s eyes. “I am not a scary person…” Seth came up to Peter putting his hand on Peter’s shoulder. Peter looked up at him.

“She belongs to me,” growled Seth.

“Sorry, I was unaware that we left the twenty-first century,” sarcastically replied Peter. He kissed Katrina on both cheeks before walking away. Katrina stood there unable to breathe. She suddenly swooned after he left. Peter suddenly, reappears beside Katrina as if he never left. “Katrina? Katrina?” He ran his hand through her curly blond hair. “Katrina?”

Seth attempted to shove Peter to the side but he was rooted to one spot. Seth continued to push against him. “Get away from her Peter!” shouted Seth. Peter ignored him as he sat beside Katrina. “What is your problem?”

Jeb pulled Seth away from Peter. “Stop this madness.” Jeb glowered at Peter. Peter glanced up at him and turned deathly pale. He knew the truth unlike everybody else in the school. The only other person who knew Peter’s secret…who believed his secret was his mother, Zoë.

Peter stumbled to his feet while keeping a close eye on Jeb. A malicious glint twinkled in Jeb’s eyes. Peter backed away from Jeb. He stumbled around the corner before Katrina could wake up to find Peter.

Alice stood around the corner waiting for Peter. She grabbed onto him as he staggered toward her. “Peter? Are you feeling alright?” she asked. Anxiety coated Alice’s voice as she spoke to Peter. “You don’t look to good.”

“I-I…” started Peter. He paused and scanned the area. The hallway was empty except for him and Alice. “Tell mom I’ll be home later.” Peter ripped himself away from Alice and ran away at an inhuman speed. Alice stood there gapping. She began an attempt to digest everything that just happened.

Once, Peter ran out of the building he jumped into the air instantly zooming toward the light blue sky. Below he could hear a few people pointing him out. Alice came running outside to see her brother heading toward the clouds. There was a sudden pop as Peter took on an inhuman speed.

Peter watched as he passed birds as he flew past them toward the city. Today he was going to run another test on his abilities. I have to become a hero…I have to avenge Stephine’s death. This world needs to be changed and it is all up to me Peter Stone…Nemo.

He froze up above the center of the city. Peter closed his eyes and he heard everything happening at once. He listened before focusing in on an alarm from below himself. Peter focused his powers even more and he is able to hear the people’s thoughts.

Oh my God…Oh my God…I shouldn’t have come here today.

Please let him leave me alone. Let him take somebody else.

Peter ignored the rest of the thoughts of other people that ran through his head. He plummeted down toward the ground. Peter skidded to a halt breaking through a pair of glass doors. The glass shattered around him but as the shards hit him no damage was done.

A man spun around to face Peter at his sudden entrance. He began to shout to his partner in a strange language that Peter could not decipher. The partner to the man ripped out a gun and began to shoot at Peter. Peter stood there as the bullets hit his chest; he looked down as the bullets bounced off him.

“He is immortal!” exclaimed the partner. The man laughed while pulling out his own gun. He attempted to shoot Peter down but he moved at an inhuman speed. Peter grabbed the arm that the man used the gun with and snapped it in half as if it was a twig. The man began to scream as he fell backwards. The partner stared at them in horror. He dropped his weapon along with the valuable items that he stole from the people. The partner ran toward the shattered doors but Peter moved in front of him at an inhuman speed.

“Have mercy on me!” shrieked the partner. “Please leave me alone!”

Peter looked over at the man while shaking his head. He grabbed the man by the throat and threw him across the room. Peter stood there waiting to see if the partner was unconscious. He looked over at the people as they laid on the floor.

One of the woman looked up at him. “Thank you sir!” she cried with joy. Peter stated at her stunned that somebody would thank him. He stood there dumbfounded as the woman came over to him throwing her arms around him. “Please tell us what your name is.”

Peter stood there hanging in her embrace while he watched the faces of the other people. They stood up applauding him. Peter smiled realizing that he helped save a small store in a nice area. “I am Nemo.” He ducked, pulling out of the woman’s embrace. “Nemo is my name.”

He backed out of the store as a warm feeling erupted inside of himself. Peter finally took flight to search for other people that would need his help. He listened to everything as he flew above the streets. People looked up pointing him out. Peter finally locked onto another distressed call.

Peter took off at a faster pace. He flew over the streets noticing a man cleaning the windows of a building. The man had fallen and was clinging to the edge of the platform. Peter watched as he began to plummet to his death. He took a faster pace and caught the man before he slammed to his death.

The man looked up at Peter stunned that he was actually saved. Peter landed gently on the ground allowing the man to walk away. The man glared at Peter before walking away. Peter lingered there for a minute as people began to take pictures of him. He ignored him as he stood there still in shock that the man did not say anything to him.

Peter jumped into the air and began to fly away. He flew away from the city and landed in a silent cemetery. He cut through the area and stopped in front of a grave stone that said ‘Stephine’.