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Thread: can you come over plaes

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    Unhappy can you come over plaes

    hello every body

    how are you?

    I hope you are fine

    I am a student in english literature college

    and I need your help

    so pleas do not disregard me

    now I will tell my problem

    I have a assignment which is about essay about the element of the

    narrative poetry found in Samuel Taylor coleridge's ((The Rime of

    Anciet of Mariner))

    and this element is plot,sitting,them,character and the figure of speech.

    I can not find it because you know it is so long and I do not find time because

    I have a lot of exams and assignments

    I have to give it to the teacher at saturday

    so pleas I need your help

    thank you my dears for your attention

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    Doesn't anyone do their own homework any more? The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner can't take even an hour to read. What is the problem? I work at a full-time job (teaching), work as an artist, and am taking several college courses on top of this which demand that I learn all the various Chinese Dynasties and the Japanese historical periods and their art work, the art of Meso-America, India, and the Middle-East, and read the Persian epic (some 900 pages) the Shahnameh in preparation for a term paper on the Persian illuminated manuscripts. Learn to manage your time.
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