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Thread: You are Winston - Convince the proles to rebel.

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    You are Winston - Convince the proles to rebel.

    This is my oral topic for year 12 English.
    i have accumulated alot of data about various rebellions, the proles, the party ect...

    Im just having trouble with motivation.
    it seems the proles have no reason to rebel.
    and without a reason my dramatic monologue will suck

    any further information, opinions, or help would be appreciated .


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    Yes, they had no reason to rebel.
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    the proles had no reason to rebel because there was no logic behind it. like it said in the book "proles and animals are free" but it also said that "freedom was slavery" makeing it undisireable for members of the party to want to be of the prole caste. the proles essentially got everything they asked for. it even said that the proles would be allowed religion if they wanted it. Big Brother gives the proles just enough to keep them happy but stupid, but why would you care if your govt was corrupt if it didnt practially affect you? let alone not realizeing that it was corrupt

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    It would be easier to lead off a large group of Proles away from Oceania proper and set up a new nation in a messianic way.

    All you have to do? Be Jesus. Or Moses.

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