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Thread: HELP!!...siddartha-herman hesse-symblos

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    HELP!!...siddartha-herman hesse-symblos

    hey guys
    i got a MASSIVE essay on the book siddartha by herman hesse
    i have my topic,
    "the importance to the overall journey of siddartha's spritual quest of the following symbols- the bird, the snake and the river"

    logical reasoning would help me, i really need a good mark and i am stuck haha
    any ideas would be appreciated

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    Well, first I would research the type of bird, snake, and maybe the name of the river. In general, a bird represents: flight, broad horizons, or free spirited nature. Snakes are frequently or always for deception. Rivers are the most complex; they represent life, renewal, travel, water, cleansing, and even death. You must choose the context as it is your homework. Good luck. B
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    That depends on the observer.
    I don't wish to sound mean, but actually reading the book should answer your questions.

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