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Thread: ♫We have a STAR in our midst!!♪ ♫

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    Congrats, shurtie! You did great!

    Andy, how did you get the musical notes in the title? Teach me.

    Ethel Mertz: Gee, this high altitude sure gives me an appetite.
    Fred Mertz: What's your excuse at sea level?

    Fred Mertz: Now what are we supposed to do? Thumb a ride on a passing halibut?
    Ricky Ricardo: I can't afford it.
    Lucy Ricardo: Those must have been the first English words you learned.

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    he, he.... alt + 13 or 14... but it can only be on the number pad...

    Pitiful creatur of darkness,
    What kind of world have you known?
    God give me courage to guide me,
    You are not alone.

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