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    Red face Victorian Adaptations

    This is selfish, so let me just say that up front:

    My husband and I are taking a graduate level Victorian Adaptations course and we each have to do a 15-20 page final paper. We'd like to focus on Dracula. My husband wants to do something with The Historian and Dracula and I want to do the originary novel and the film with Keanu Reeves. Our professor suggested that our papers be somehow linked, or dependent on each other in some way. Obviously, we'll have to do a lot of research in order to come up with a general thesis, but does anyone have any ideas that we could get excited about? "Role of the Epistolary", for example, is too general, but we thought something with that. We're entirely open...we are just having a hard time focusing... We'll buy you cookies if you help! Or blood. Whatever floats your boat.

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    well seeing as how @ the end of ur message u mentioned cookies and blood so i was wondering if by any chance did you read the book 8th grade bites?

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