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Thread: Writing as a career

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1jt View Post
    Um...Woolf's not sexy, whereas Plath is a goddess.
    Actually, for the record I couldn't disagree with the first half of this statement more.

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    Wow. I'm overloaded with information! Thanks for the insights here everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardHerley View Post
    xtillyx, it's a hard road to follow if you want to support yourself. As time goes on it's getting harder still. If you're born with the compulsion to write -- to tell stories -- then write you must; otherwise, don't waste your time sitting at a desk when you could be outside, breathing fresh air.

    Writing is a craft as well as a vocation. To learn it, you must read, read, and read some more. Read not just for pleasure but with an apprentice's eye. Why has the author done this? How is the plot (if there is one) constructed? If you were telling this story, how would you go about it?

    Do you like music? A writer is a musician too. Words are music of a special kind. Study the prose of a genius, like Nabokov, to see that prose and poetry are really the same.

    Are you hard-working? If you want to be a good writer you must study grammar and usage. Keep Fowler's Modern English Usage by your bedside. Read it over and over again. If you have the slightest doubt about a word's meaning, look it up before using it.

    Are you vain? Be prepared for some body-blows. Be prepared for repeated rejection, insults, unfair criticism, the assumption that your whole career is an ego-trip.

    Are you long-suffering? Can you accept that you are likely to be famous, if at all, when you are conveniently dead?

    Think about these things very carefully before embarking on a writing career. Writing as a hobby is another thing: it can be absorbing and fun, and even bring in a little cash.

    P.S. Kafka's Crow -- thanks for the mention: my server stats brought me here.
    Very good advice.... and A writer is a musician too. Words are music of a special kind. this line of yours is very insightful for a writer. Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Kafka's Crow View Post
    Find yourself a decent job like teaching
    That's a good advice.
    J.K.Rowling in fact was an English teacher before she started off writing HARRY POTTER but she always believed that her life's sole purpose was to only Write. That's very inspirational, not the teaching part, but believing in the purpose of one's life, no matter what you prefer to do for a living.

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    Iwrite only as a hobby making a career of it will just assume I am another writer amongst others thousands writers who write for a living.
    It is not worth the stress and to think writing as a monotony routine rather then pleasure will make me feel unimagined and frightefull for future literature.
    Books carry a stigma as well as an anxiety of wanting to write to 'get there' and not write to 'be there'.
    Inspirations do not work under stress and dos and don'ts of a society much pressed with time and not ideas.
    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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