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Thread: Winston and Julia

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    There is no doubt that Winston and Julia were foolish for getting involved with each other but in reality what did they have to loose? For Winston he knew he would be vaporized either way. Julia on the other hand portrayed herself as rule following young member of the party. In reality she used her body and her sexual acts as a rebellion and a political act to make statements of sly rebellion. It seems like Julia would do mostly anything to rebel against Big Brother. Her hatred for the party most definitely sparked her encounters with Winston. As their relationship continues it is apparent that Winston deeply cares for Julia while she is somewhat dismissive towards him. They both knew how corrupt the Party and Big Brother was and how most people just disappear without any questions asked. They had nothing to loose.

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    Itís weird how at first Winston is concerned about Julia because he thinks she is a member of the thought police. Then they become friends. And they end up both getting caught by the thought police

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