The fog swirled around the graveyard as if trying to grasp the figures and tear them away from the light and into the darkness. The darkness that lives and kills. It is one thing to lose a friend to the darkness, for it could be called an accident. Losing a family though, that was murder. These thoughts ran through the confused mind of Jack Kent, a 17 year old young man from the village of Norwood. This was the beginning of a new life for Jack, and the beginning of our story...


It was on this day that Jack Kent watched his family be put into the ground. It was on this day that all the hatred, despair, and sadness rose from the depths of his soul and gave him the power to fight back against the darkness. It was on this day that Jack decided that he would get even, and would avenge the death of those who he loved.
It was them. The dark ones. That is what the villagers called them. They came from the darkness that surrounded the small village in which they lived. It was not safe anymore after the war broke out between the worlds, both unseen and seen, and there were new laws put into effect. These laws protected the families, and also cost Jack his family.
"I'm sorry Jack, I know how this hurts." says a passerby, a boy named Benjamin.
"I’m sure" replied the young man, not taking his eyes off the caskets of his mother, father, and young brother lying on the ground.
Screams rang out, as people went into a panic. Jack turned around, and looked into the fog. They were coming, the dark ones. They were coming, but would never leave. Jack reached under his cloak and pulled out his sword.
The graveyard. a place where sadness flourishes, and despair grows like moss on death's tree. The graveyard was a place visited too much by the citizens of Norwood, where every person had laid someone to rest. For some, like Jack, they watched their whole family put in the ground. This is when they first came....

As told down four generations until the time that Jack was born, the dark ones came from the darkness, feeding on the sadness and despair in people's hearts, no, their very souls. They first arrived two hundred years ago when the settlers first set up camp in the lonely forest. The forest that would claim their young ones forever. Some say that the dark ones were those that lived in the forest; some also say that they are the forest, or better yet, the forest spirits.
The first one who died was the young girl of the founding father, a minister and a liar. The legend goes that she went out into the forest to play, thought she saw a deer. The villagers found her the next day, tied to a tree, with the words LEAVE carved into her forehead. Then the violence got worse. The village was on the edge of losing all hope, by losing almost ten villagers a week.
And then, as quickly as it had all started, it stopped. The village lived in peace for close to one hundred years, until the curse was placed upon them. A man simply known as Giovanni went into the forest, and came back with one of them, dead. That night nearly the entire town was slaughtered, and Giovanni was taken into the darkness forever.
The legend also says that the dark ones are those who have died by the darkness, those consumed by hate, and those whose souls lived on fear itself. They rule the darkness, and the world of the unseen. To every person they look different, maybe the person's greatest fear, and sometimes, their greatest want. The corrupt go first, followed by the wicked. All who fall to the darkness become it, and take their loved ones with them.
The graveyard. a place where sadness flourishes, and despair grows like moss on death's tree. Where Jack Kent will face his destiny. The darkness comes. And with it, comes something evil.
Screams rang out, as people went into a panic. Jack turned around, and looked into the fog. They were coming, the dark ones. They were coming, but would never leave. Jack reached under his cloak and pulled out his sword.
"Hello dark ones" Jack whispered to the dark shapes approaching. "I've been waiting for you."
"Weee havve beeen waitting forr youu, as welll, Jackk" choked a voice from behind him. He twirled around, but it was too late. The creature had him by the throat, slamming him up against a graveside statue. Jack jerked his sword, cutting into its wrist, allowing him to break free of the ghostly grip.
"I hope you can heal as much as you kill" Jack said as he plunged the sword deep into the creature’s chest. It did not move, not even a flinch. A look of fear and surprise came across the face of young Jack Kent.
"Foolisssh Morttaaal" spat the faceless creature. "Youuu cannot killll that which brings deatthhh, and you cannot riddd the world of evvvil by yoursssself. You will die." A claw came from the darkness, gripped around Jack's throat.
Shots rang out and the creatures fled, back into the darkness from whence they came. A man around forty stood over Jack with a musket in one hand.
"You better be careful son, they might get you if you hang around in the graveyard." Jack looked up, as if in a dream.
Jack was lying on the ground against an oak tree. His head was on fire, and his vision blurred. He looked up and saw the figure of his father, a tall muscular man, leaning over looking at him; actually, it was next to him. Jack looked to the right, and saw his young brother Francis also lying against the tree, staring up at the sky.
"Francis, get up off the ground. You know what I have told you about being in the graveyard. If only your brother were here, instead of hanging out with those hooligans..."
"But I’m right here" said Jack, getting up and touching his father on the shoulder. His hand drew closer, but never touched. It went right through.
"What?" Jack gasped. "How can this be? Am I dead?"
At that second, one of the dark ones came out from behind the tree, and grabbed Jack's father by the neck, and threw him to the ground.
"Francis..." his father choked "...r..u..n.." And at that moment, the dark one stuck one long, black nail into the man's heart, killing him immediately. It is what happened after that which is truly the darkness that the dark ones posses. There was a dark liquid leaking from the nail that the dark one plunged into the man, and now it was engulfing him. his eyes turned black, and the darkness leaked outward and engulfed the entire body. Jack watched in horror as his father was taken, and turned into the creature that would eventually hold Jack by the neck and nearly take his life away. Jack tried to move but he could not. He stared as his father rose, and stared into his eyes.
"Keennnttt" the creature screeched, and moved closer to Jack....

Jack woke up, at the feet of the dark one that once had him pinned.
"Wha...wwhat was that?" He asked in fear.
"Thhhat..." the creature whispered, grabbing Jack by the collar and bringing him up to his level, "was how I convinced your father to kill your entire faammily...itt ssseems thhat hee forrgot onee..."
"And it seems ad though you have been unsuccessful in your attempt to finish the job." Jack whispered, taking a hidden dagger out of his cloak and pressing it to the dark one's neck. the phantasm only laughed.
"Hahaha..., you will will die." The creature spat as it quickly disappeared, but not before he whispered two words.
"mmyyy sonnn"...
The darkness of the small cabin almost provoked the evil which surrounded it. The evil could be felt, maybe even seen. The evil, the curse that followed the village, could not be stopped. It would live.
A single light could be seen through the window. It was a candle, lighting a space just small enough for two figures to have a conversation.
"I am telling you Eichus, this is fulfilling the prophecy" Whispered a hooded figure sitting in a chair across a small wooden table from another silhouette.
"I told you not to say my name…" spoke Eichus, a village elder of Norwood. "You never know" he said as he glanced around, "what is listening."
"You will never defeat them if you do not face them." Said the figure as he rose up out of his chair. At that moment he went silent. He looked up and saw a pair of blazing red eyes staring at him from outside. No, they were inside. It was one of them, and they were standing right behind Eichus.
"What is it Adamo? What do you see?”
Screams…..rang through the night….like the wind through the trees….