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Thread: Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

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    Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

    Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

    After reading Stormbreaker, the very first Alex Rider book, a few months ago, recently I had a chance to read Point Blanc (AR 2) as well.

    In this book, the 14-year-old unwilling MI6 agent Alex Rider is sent to inquire the workings of a private school for boys (Point Blanc), which is prefered by the world's richest families. As expected, Alex survives many catastrophes and what not, accomplishes the mission!

    I had thought that the first book was far fetched but this one is further fetched. Even though Horowitz' writing style is easy-going, it seems like he is aware that he is onto a winner with Alex Rider and takes full advantage of it, offering adventurous teens what they would dream of but can possibly not have.

    5/10 KitKats!
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    7/10. I like, it's so very far fetched yet interesting. Like a young 007 or something.
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