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Thread: My CHildhood

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    My CHildhood

    I'm reading My Childhood for a class, its by Maxim Gorky...
    I was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on it or if they read. Also... what epectations of children are portrayed in the novel.
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    I realize this post is from 2004 and you have probably long ago finished this class LOL! but just wanted that Maxim Gorky is my favorite Russian writer and the My Autobiography trilogy (which includes My Childhood) was deeply influential on me as a writer.

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    Out of curiosity, have you read say, Dostoevsky, Gogol or Tolstoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etienne View Post
    Out of curiosity, have you read say, Dostoevsky, Gogol or Tolstoy?
    They are indeed writers of masterpieces. I have read Gogol too, and his stories, I have a faint memories of them, the Over coat and the nose were really mesmerizing, so deepening satirically.

    Tolstoy and Dostavesky are my all time favorites indeed.

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    How can I download : My childhood that is written by Maxim Gorky

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