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Thread: New top-10 movie game

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    New top-10 movie game

    Construct a new list of top-10 movies out of the lists of others from this thread:

    One rule only: you may not repeat an original from your own list. (e.g. Winged Spirit put Trois couleurs: Rouge on his list, and I had it on my first list. I may not use it again.)

    So let's see where our tastes match up. In order my new list is:

    1. Casablanca - Isagel
    2. Shichinin no samurai - crisaor
    3. Der Himmel über Berlin - Winged Spirit
    4. Blue Velvet - atiguhya padma
    5. Apocalypse Now - Isagel
    6. American Beauty - subterranean
    7. Titus - Monica
    8. Rebecca - papayahead
    9. Dr. Strangelove - Isagel
    10. Silence of the Lambs - mono

    Winged Spirit, if only you'd gone with The Seventh Seal instead of Wild Strawberries!

    (And when in God's name is La Strada going to make somebody's list????)

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    Could only find seven that I had seen and really enjoyed.....

    Citizen Kane - Trismegistus
    Amelie - Amuse
    Rear Window - Nome 1486
    American Beauty - Subterranean
    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Sub.
    Elephant Man - Mono
    Lolita - Winged Spirit

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    I also found 7. A lucky number.

    1. Trois Couleurs: Rouge - trismegistus
    2. Amelie - amuse
    3. Pulp Fiction - crisaor
    4. Decalogue - atiguhya padma
    5. Kill Bill - subterranean
    6. What's Eating Gilbert Grape? - mono
    7. Silence of the Lambs - mono

    Yesterday I saw Dogville. It was great. I add it to my list as No 11
    In dreams begin responsibilities.

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    1.The Name of the Rose - Monica
    2.The Royal Tenenbaums - nome1486
    3.Kill Bill - Subterranean
    4.Touch of Evil - Trismegistus (he likes to cheat, so do I )
    5.Amelie - amuse
    6.Apocalypse now - Isagel
    7.American Beauty - Subterranean
    8.Big Fish - Kiwi Shelf
    9.Seven - Subterranean
    10.Citizen Kane - Trismegistus
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    Jeepers creepers, what a difficult, but interesting thread, considering so many of us have agreeing tastes. Here goes, in no specific order:

    1. Dead Poets' Society (Monica)
    2. The Royal Tenenbaums (nome1486)
    3. Seven (subterranean)
    4. Natural Born Killers - only because of Quentin Tarantino (subterranean)
    5. Finding Forrester (intended by ajoe)
    6. M (trismegistus)
    7. Lost in Translation (Monica)
    8. The Truman Show (Monica)
    9. The Birdcage (papayahed)
    10. Dracula (crisaor)

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