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Thread: Lawrence Durrell's Bitter Lemons

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    Lawrence Durrell's Bitter Lemons

    The author is writing of his experience on the island of Cyprus in the mid fifties . Excellent writer . Perhaps best known for his novels Justine ,Balthazar,Mountolive and Clea.

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    me too

    hi sorry im new to this, but ive also been trying to find stuff by lawrence durrell - as a child i was a big fan of his younger sibling - gerry durrell - still am infact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    Perhaps best known for his novels Justine ,Balthazar,Mountolive and Clea.
    Oh yes, these novels are excellent.
    I also read The Dark Labyrinth and liked it very much.
    I also have Bitter Lemons and his other books about Corfu, Sicily and Rhodes in my bookshelves but unfortunately time for reading is missing at the moment.

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