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Thread: Biographies of O. Henry

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    Biographies of O. Henry

    I am looking for whatever may most fairly be called the definitive biography of O Henry. Something well-written, with a good index and full bibiliography.

    Also: I am interested in knowing more about O. Henry's artwork, viz. the woodcuts of American indians, which I have seen attributed to him (albeit pseudonymously).

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    The 1890 book "Indian Depredations in Texas" by J. W. Wilbarger (Josiah's brother) contained 34 "woodcuts signed by T.J. Owen, better known as the author William Sydney Porter (O. Henry)" according to the Texas State Library website which shows some of the work at <>.
    I was not aware until reading your post and finding the website above that Billy Sid did art. How bout dat?

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    There's a pretty good biography with style analysis called simply "O. Henry" written by a Eugene Current-Garcia. It's part of "Twayne's United States Authors Series"

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