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Thread: What can be said about love in Hesse's works?

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    What can be said about love in Hesse's works?

    I have just finished reading Narcissus and Goldmund and Siddhartha and noice a parallel between the two in their theme of love, and the need for love. What specific connections can be made between these two novels, or about Hesse? Any thoughts in general on the topic of Hermann Hesse and love?

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    It's been a while since I last read it, but one scene from Narziss and Goldmund has stayed with me. This is where Goldmund helps to take care of the plague victims. In this and in Hesse's other works, love is expressed in many ways, the character of Goldmund, though, in the way he fearlessly embraces life and death, has made a particularly strong impression on me.

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    hesse was a romantic, I would recommend you read Gertrude. It is basically about a complicated love triangle, one of Hesse' earlier novels.

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