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Thread: cameras

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    hello guys!

    any of you have any experience with photography?

    Since I'll be getting a job soon I thought about getting a camera (to go with that lip piercing ).

    what do you think the best camera for a beginner would be (a dslr not a point-and-shoot)?

    I had already decided on a nikon D40x, but should I try a canon first?

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    my nikon has been my fist camra and i love mother on the other hand has a canon and its a point and shoot per-say. i use my nikon for yearbook and newspaper. all of the picutres i have posted have been by the lense of that camra. they take realy good pictures and are realtivly simple. get what you want, and learn to use it....

    i just got a digital camra now what?
    and digital photography for dummys.

    both are good books. and full of helpful tips

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    i think Claes has a canon slr...and he shot some pics with in the "Pictures Taken By You" thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazefest456 View Post
    i think Claes has a canon slr...and he shot some pics with in the "Pictures Taken By You" thread.
    Quite right, I just bought it. It is something of a bastard child of a system camera and a pocket ditto: All the functions of a system camera except for the option to change optics. It is also quite small, so I can bring it along where a system camera would be awkward.

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    Really the one you picked sounds like a good choice...Its actually a little better than a beginner camera. Please take the time to learn your camera. You will get more out of it. Then take multiple pictures of the same image with different settings. This will help you to learn more. Take notes of the settings you like for different things...bright light, dim light, shadow, motion.

    My favorite thing is to find a waterfall or fountain, and then do what I just told you to try. I call them studies... B's Green Waterfall study...for example. Digital is awesome because you can take as many as you want, and when the memory runs out you download em or delete the ones you don't like.

    Finally, do yourself a favor and get extra batteries right off the bat. I can't tell you how many times I see people run out of batteries just when they need them most. I hope the camera you get works on rechargeable, they are cheaper in the long run, and more environmentally safe. Cheers, B
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