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Thread: Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables

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    Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables


    Hope you've got lovely holiday break!!!

    I'm here just for my sister. She asked me to get her some articles, books or views about Anne of Green Gables. This is her subject for university degree. She's doing English Studies back in Poland but there is not such thing like English library or so. So me poor thing in Birmingham, UK, need to get her BA degree materials and I've got no clue where to start my searches.....

    Just because it's Christmas..............PLEASE, HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Don't want to leave her with nothing....

    Once again - Happy Christmas!!!

    Best Wishes,

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    There is bound to exist British Council in Poland.
    There is also bound to exist an English/Literature section in her university library, and there is bound to exist her mentor, who is likely to be aware of at least some starting point literature.
    Finally, there is internet, but one must be careful with resources on internet; still, internet is a good starting point for finding existing literature on some subject (think of e-books, online catalogues of libraries available, catalogues of books in print, etc).
    Keeping that in mind, anything somebody here can come up with is likely to be able to be covered by one of those three options, unless a pure coincidence happens that somebody on here has done serious studies on that book and can provide with good material.

    What you can do for her is to go to the nearest serious library (possibly a university one, or one of those big national libraries, if you have an access to), hope a librarian has a good day and ask them to find you materials; many libraries - especially in UK - are organised into "nets" of libraries, so even if that particular library does not have items they figure would be helpful, they are most likely going to be able to get it, or at least to give you further directions where to seek for it. Prior to that it would be good to consult online catalogues of available literature, and do search by subject; in the same way you can online search some articles.

    Another helpful thing is to modify her thesis... Anne of Green Gables is surely harder to write than, say, Motives of X and Y in "Anne of Green Gables", or Philosophy of X and Y in "Anne of Green Gables, for in that case, she could get help from a lot of secondary literature, which would primarily deal with X and Y, and make up great part of her thesis - that is the "deus ex machina" a lot of students do when they figure out they lack literature for the thesis they wished, or that the subject is too broad, but they still wish to use it. Tell her to think of that, maybe then it will be easier

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    Hi Anasasija, I've ust spoked to my sister and she's gonna talk to her mentor to adjust the subject somehow. I also found the nearest big library (not my local one) and I'm going there on Saturday.
    Many Thanks for the post!!!!!!!

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